Amazon Fire Hd 8 tablet For Kids

  • Display  ; 8.00-inch (1280×800)
  • Processor ; 2GHz quad-core
  • Front Camera ; 2MP
  • RAM ; 2GB
  • OS ; Android
  • Storage ; 32GB
  • Rear Camera ; 2MP

KSh 15,999.00

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The Amazon Fire Hd 8 tablet For Kids Price in Kenya is Ksh.15,999

One of the features that hasn’t changed from the previous Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (or the previous Fire HD 8) is the screen – that stays at an 8-inch, 800 x 1280 pixel LCD display, which isn’t the best in the world but does everything that it needs to. If you want a super-sharp, super-bright, gorgeous-looking panel; for something for the kids to play around with, there’s this.

Setting up a child account on the tablet is very straightforward, and you can specify the child’s age so that relevant content is organised and promoted. Switch back to the adult account, which requires a PIN, and you can use the tablet just like a standard Fire 8 HD (with Amazon Prime Video, the web and so on). It’s all very simple and straightforward, and we think most kids will have a great time with this tablet.

Do bear in mind that as good as the Fire for Kids Unlimited deal is, it does tie you to another subscription once the free year expires – and it’s also worth noting that the Amazon App Store is not quite as well stocked as the Apple or Google equivalent. Depending on the age of your child, it might be worth considering the options before you go with Amazon, with iPads particularly good when it comes to parental controls (they’re also more expensive of course).

If you’re looking to get your younger kids an electronic gadget that will keep them entertained, you can’t really go wrong with the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. It’s packed with content, the parental controls are simple to understand and apply, and the rubber casing is perfect to protect the tablet from any accidents that might happen. The two-year warranty really sweetens the deal, as does the one-year subscription you get to Fire for Kids Unlimited.