• Brand: COLMi
  • Display: 1.81″ TFT
  • Fitness: 118 Fitness Modes
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Battery life: Li-Po 260 mAh, non-removable
  • Charging: 2pin magnetic cable

KSh 4,500.00

COLMi P45 Smartwatch Price in Kenya

COLMi P45 Smartwatch Price in Kenya is Ksh. 4,500. The COLMi P45 smartwatch uses the latest blood oxygen sensor, effective and accurate, and is mostly found on flagship smartwatches.

COLMi P45 Detailed Description:


The COLMi P45 adopts a 2.5D arc design that is consistent with high-end smartwatches making its touch effect more comfortable and giving your a beautiful and convenient wearing experience.

COLMi P45 spots a rotatable button that is used to toggle the menu function and choose the watch function you want.


COLMi P45 has a  large 1.81-inch screen, offering you a large field of view and making it easy for you to read and control your smartwatch. COLMi P45 presents everything in a crisp and detailed manner. This display has a  240 x 286-pixel resolution, giving you a comfortable viewing experience. The always-on mode lets you read the date and time without lifting your wrist or using your fingers.

Customizable watch faces and Straps

The COLMi P45 comes with more than 100 dials, with different colors and styles,  matching your every look and occasion.

COLMi P45 uses straps made of silicone, a material that is soft and skin-friendly. This strap is sweat-proof and moisture-proof. The straps are durable and easy to clean. Compatibility with universal straps expands your pool of choices, meeting your fashion and taste.

118 Sports Modes

COLMi P45 lets you enjoy up to 118 sports modes including walking, running, rope skipping, cycling, badminton, basketball, and football. You can choose a different activity every day, therefore avoiding repetition and monotony. There is always one of your favorite sports, which is sure to bring you sports happiness and boost your morale.

The COLMi P45 records your exercise data, letting you understand your active time, exercise pace, and calories burnt so that you can know your exercise status and plan your exercise regularity. Set targets and work towards them by taking advantage of the COLMi P45.

Connecting with the APP, your exercise data becomes more comprehensive and specific, giving you daily, weekly, and monthly exercise stats that offer you important insight into your physical condition.

Call, Notifications, AI Voice

COLMi P45 is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can make, answer and hang up calls while displaying the contact details so you can tell the other person in a glimpse. It is your intimate assistant.

Get your notifications instantly with a gentle vibration, and read messages from the comfort of your wrist with this brilliant smartwatch.

COLMi P45 supports AI voice assistant, thus freeing your hands and offering you extended functionality.


The COLMi P45 lets you monitor your health status and provides insights into your general well-being.

  • Blood oxygen measurement

COLMi P45 shows a red light effect when measuring blood oxygen concentration, giving you a realistic measure of your blood oxygen levels while providing the minimum and maximum levels. This measure helps you keep a check on your exercise intensity and health in general.

  • Heart rate

COLMi P45 can measure your heart rate, record your 24-hour heart rate changes and provide the maximum and minimum heart rate which therefore helps you monitor your cardiovascular health more comprehensively. A reminder gives you an early warning when critical levels are reached.

  • Sleep 

COLMi P45 monitors your sleep stages with care and accuracy. It can intelligently identify your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time during sleep, provide sleep reports and improve sleep quality. It would help if you had your COLMi P45 strapped on and fall asleep with peace of mind.

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