• Dimension:
  • Weight:
  • Color temperature:
  • CRI:
  • TLCI:
  • Beam Angle:
    120°, 50°with standard reflector

KSh 40,000.00

COOLCAM 200D Price in Kenya

The COOLCAM 200D Price in Kenya is Ksh 40,000. The LS Focus 200DII is a top-of-the-line light that boasts incredibly bright illumination, as well as a high-quality aluminum housing that looks great and offers excellent heat dissipation. It is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for a wide range of photography and videography applications.

One of the good features of the LS Focus 200DII is its Bowen mount, which provides a secure and reliable connection for a variety of accessories. Whether you need to attach a softbox or some other accessory, the Bowen mount allows for quick and easy installation.

Another great feature of the LS Focus 200DII is its APP and DMX control. This makes it incredibly easy to adjust the light’s settings on the fly, whether you’re working in a studio or on location. You can quickly and easily adjust the brightness, special effects and other settings, giving you complete control over your lighting.


Main Features

Technical Support

  1. Use high-power LED light source with a working life of more than 6000 hours
  2. Use aluminum frame design with a good heat dissipation
  3. Available for AC power and DC battery power
  4. With the control box and power adapter all integrated into one light fixture, it requires less cabling and is easier and faster to set up the light
  5. Use LCD screen to show brightness and real-time data


Brightness Adjustment

  1. Dimmable from 0–100% and flicker-free.
  2. Color temperature 5600K ± 200K
  3. CRI and TLCI ≥ 95.


Built-In Adjustable Special Effects

Preset 11 special effects modes to satisfy different needs, including lightning, SOS, tracing, firework, cop car, flash, breath and so on.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor video shooting, interview, still life shooting, portrait shooting and micro movie, etc.


Product Specifications

Model 200D II
LED Type COB 200W
Beam Angle 120°, 50°with standard reflector
Color termperature 5600K±200K
CRI 96+
TLCI 96-98
Voltage DC15-24V, AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Cooling system Heat pipe radiator, Temperature controlled fan
Dimension 230x130x265mm
Weight 2.7kg


Package Includes

1 x Focus 200D

1 x Protective cover

1 x Bowen mount standard reflector

1 x Remote control

1 x Power cable

1 x safety cable


Optional accessory

Deep parabolic softbox

Lantern softbox

Beauty dish

Spotlight mount

2.4G remote control