Fitbit Versa 4

KSh 28,000.00

Fitbit Versa 4 in Kenya

The Fitbit Versa 4 Price in Kenya is expected to retail at 28,000.If you thought the Fitbit Versa 4 looks extremely similar to the Fitbit Sense 2, you’d be right: they share the same design. Both watches have a 336 x 336px AMOLED screen in a ‘squircle’ design typical for Fitbit, with a tactile button on the side replacing the virtual button sensor on the previous model, which was sometimes tricky to operate.

Both watches have a slimmer body now, sitting more comfortably on your wrist with a lower profile. Both come sporting a six-day battery life (although we’ve not yet been able to test this) and sensors which supports atrial fibrilation variation detection using PurePulse technology, which can scan to detect signs of irregular heart rhythms. Quick-release silicone straps come as standard with the watch, although more stylish options in materials such as leather will be available soon.

Fitbit Versa 4: Features

Both the Sense and the Versa 4 offer Fitbit’s new Daily Readiness and Sleep Profile features, although both are locked behind Fitbit Premium. Daily Readiness score takes a glance at how well you slept, and your last workout, and show how ready you are for your next bout of exercise. The higher your readiness score, the better prepared you’ll be.

Sleep Profiles, on the other hand, is a nice way to take all the sleep data your tracker presents you with turn it into actionable sleep tips. After a few weeks of use, you are given an animal that represents your sleeping habits. This animal might change over time if you’re experiencing regular disruptions or changes to your sleep, and the Fitbit app will provide suggestions on how to adjust your sleep back to optimum levels.

Otherwise, both watches can detect skin temperature and can perform electrocardiogram scans. Both can track your blood glucose levels in-app, can provide menstrual health tracking, stress management, blood oxygen levels and allow you to follow exercises and mindfulness exercises on-wrist.

From a technical perspective, you can also take calls on-wrist, use Google Wallet and Fitbit Pay, and perhaps most exciting for adventurers, use Google Maps to get on-wrist turn-by-turn directions, very useful if you’re cycling or running in unfamiliar environments. These are the only new Google features available on the watches, despite Alphabet’s acquisition of Fitbit. Those rumors of a WearOS Fitbit are unfortunately unfounded.

Fitbits available in stock.

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