Google Pixel 6

  • GSM / 4G LTE + 5G Sub-6 Compatible
  • North American Variant
  • Google Tensor with Titan M2 Security
  • 50MP Wide & 12MP Ultrawide Cameras
  • Front 8MP Selfie Camera
  • Capture Authentic & Accurate Skin Tones
  • 256GB Storage Capacity + 8GB of RAM
  • 6.4″ 2340 x 1080 90 Hz OLED Display
  • Up to 48-Hour Battery / Water Resistant
  • Android 12 Operating System

KSh 74,500.00KSh 95,000.00

Google Pixel 6 Price and Specs in Kenya.

The Google Pixel 6 Price in Kenya is Ksh 74,500 to Ksh 95,000. This Price is however subject to confirmation once Google Pixel 6 is launched by google.

Showcasing ground-breaking new features in mobile technology, the Google Pixel 6 Dual-SIM 256GB 5G Smartphone contains Google’s own SoC (System-on-a-Chip), the Google Tensor. The Tensor was created to give the Pixel 6 enough power for Google to implement significant advances in AI and machine learning. Some real world examples include a re-engineered camera bar with AI capable of erasing objects and unblurring faces in an image, and voice recognition smart enough to detect accents and dialects to accurately translate up to 55 languages in real time, without requiring the internet.

The increased power and AI intelligence of the Pixel 6 are in addition to a host of additional advancements in the more traditional aspects smartphone technology. The Pixel 6’s rear camera bar provides dual cameras with larger pixels than previous generations, resulting in more detail and sharper night shots. The 6.4″ display auto adjusts the refresh rate up to 90 Hz, saving power while still providing smooth scrolling & gameplay. The body can handle the rigors of daily life with Gorilla Glass Victus cover glass and IP68 water and dust resistance. Inside and out, the Pixel 6 reimagines what smartphones can be, giving you an experience that’s even more personal than ever before.

GSM/4G LTE + 5G Wireless Connectivity

This phone is designed to work on select GSM & 5G (Sub-6) networks. 5G is a cellular network data protocol capable of extremely fast data speeds that rival, or surpass, that of wired broadband internet providers. 5G speeds can vary considerably based on location, but on average, should have no problem streaming 4K video. As 5G upgrades are implemented over time, mobile AR and VR applications could become possible. The phone is backward compatible with 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G data for locations that do not support 5G.

North American Variant / US Compatible 5G

The Pixel 6 is a North American variant. It may be used in other parts of the world; however, 5G access may be limited or unsupported, depending on the network. Please choose your country/carrier above to confirm the network compatibility of this phone.

Rear Camera Bar & Advanced AI

On the back of the Pixel 6 is an elevated camera bar that houses two cameras and an LDAF (laser detect auto focus) sensor for fast focusing on subjects. You get a 50MP wide camera with Super Res Zoom up to 7x, and a 12MP ultrawide camera with a 114° field of view for stunning landscape shots. On the front, an 8MP sensor handles your selfie needs. Leveraging the Tensor chip, these cameras are supported by a host of camera modes that utilize AI for impressive effects and more inclusive accuracy.

  • Magic Eraser: Rub out and remove distracting people and objects in photos
  • Face Unblur: When faces are detected, both wide and ultrawide images are taken, then overlaid to give you an action shot without a blurred face
  • Motion Mode: Several photos are taken and the Pixel 6 determines what is in motion and what is still, blurring the proper elements of the scene for a dynamic final image
  • Real Tone: Improved AI highlights the nuances of varying skin tones with proper exposure and white balance, stray light reduction, and less blur, to give communities of color more accurate photos; regardless of what app you use.
  • Portrait Mode: For professional-style portraits, the Pixel 6 cameras artfully blurs out the background to enhance your subject
  • Additional Modes: Panorama, Manual white balancing, Locked Folder, Night Sight, Top Shot, Portrait Light, Super Res Zoom, Motion autofocus, Frequent Faces, Dual exposure controls & Live HDR+

Video Capture

The rear camera system is capable of capturing detailed and blur-free video at up to 4K resolution with fused video stabilization and optical image stabilization. Additional video features include:

  • Cinematic Pan
  • 4K Cinematic Pan with stabilization
  • 4K Locked video stabilization
  • Slow motion up to 240 fps
  • 4K timelapse with stabilization
  • Astrophotography timelapse
  • Digital zoom up to 7x
  • Audio zoom, stereo recording, speech enhancement, and wind noise reduction

Advanced Security with Tensor & Titan

The Pixel 6 takes your privacy seriously, incorporating a dedicated security core within the Tensor processor and an upgrade to the dedicated Titan security chip with the Titan M2. This multilayered approach can detect and warn you of phishing and other attacks, and is joined by improved AI that pulls features forward to give you more control of your security and privacy settings.

With the Security Hub, you’ll be prompted to take simple steps to ensure your phone is secured. You also gain complete control over how and when the Pixel 6’s camera and mic are engaged. You’ll see icons to let you know visually when either are activated by an app. Security even extends to the physical world, with auto detection of car crashes, where the Pixel 6 can automatically call for help if you’re unresponsive. You can also have it call in other emergencies, as well as share your current GPS location or begin to record a video. To make sure you’re safe against new threats, Google provides 5 years’ worth of free security updates.

Adaptive UI

Regardless of what wallpaper you choose, the Pixel 6 can detect the colors and automatically adjust the coloring of UI elements and icons for a more unified look.

Wireless & Reverse Wireless Charging

You can recharge the Pixel 6 via a USB Type-C connection or wirelessly with an optional charging pad. Thanks to its reverse charging ability, the Pixel 6 itself can be used to charge other Qi-compatible devices, such as earphone charging cases.

Additional Features

5G sub-6 network support for fast data transfers and video streaming
High brightness mode to help read the display in bright sunlight
Up to 48 hours of battery with Extreme Battery Saver
Adaptive Battery prioritizes power for your favorite apps
Always-on display with At-a-Glance to show you essential apps and info on the lock screen, such as boarding passes for flights
HDR photo support
Optical image stabilization
3 x built-in microphones with noise suppression
Built-in stereo speakers
Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)
Under-display fingerprint sensor

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