Haylou GT6 True Wireless Earbuds

Product name: Haylou-GT6
Manipulation Mode: Touch control
BT version: BT5.2
Communication distance: 10m (Without obstacles)
Compatible System: iOS / Android
Battery Capacity (mAh): Unilateral headphones*35mAh, rechargeable warehouse*310mAh
Support protocol: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
Charging port: Type-C

KSh 3,500.00

Fashionable Design

gt6 s2 icon 01

Bluetooth 5.2
Fast and stable connection

gt6 s2 icon 02

65ms Low latency

gt6 s2 icon 03

12mm dynamic driver
Premium sound quality

gt6 s2 icon 04

AAC audio decoding
Captures every sound detail

gt6 s2 icon 05

3.9g semi in-ear
Comfortable wearing

gt6 s2 icon 06

5.5+15 hours
Great battery life

Bluetooth 5.2

Upgraded Wireless Experience

gt6 s3 icon 01

Single playback time increases 40%

gt6 s3 icon 02

Automatic pairing

gt6 s3 icon 03


gt6 s3 icon 04

10 meters transmission

Haylou GT6  in Kenya

The Haylou GT6 True Wireless Earbuds Price in Kenya is Ksh.3,499.

65ms Low Latency

Smooth Control
The latency under game mode is only 65ms*, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game world.

*ln low-latency mode, the low-latency at the earbud end is about 65ms, and the full-link low-latency is about 94ms. Haylou Lab measures the above data.

*Double-tap left earbud to activate low latency mode when the earbuds are connected.

Haylou GT6 65ms Low Latency under game mode

Dual-master Earbuds

Mono and Stereo Mode
Use one earbud to share with your unique one or pick up both to enjoy your private world.

gt6 s5 icon check


gt6 s5 icon check


gt6 s5 icon check


gt6 s5 icon 01

Dual-channel chip
Pick up to use without interruption

gt6 s5 icon 02

Single-channel chip
Disconnect when taking the slave earbud

Haylou GT6 Earbuds in white box

12mm Dynamic Driver

Powerful Bass
12mm large dynamic driver accurately adjusts every detail to achieve a perfect balance of bass, midrange, and treble.

Haylou GT6 12mm Dynamic Driver

AAC Audio Decoding

Capture Every Sound Detail
AAC audio decoding supports higher resolution while increasing resource compression rate, effectively capturing every sound detail.

Haylou GT6 White earbuds and phone

3.9g Semi in-ear

Comfortable Wearing

With an ergonomic design, it offers wearing stability and comfort when in use. A single earbud weighs only 3.9g, which is lighter than a piece of A4 paper*.

*The above data are all measured by Haylou Lab. The weight of 70g A4 paper is about 4.3g.

Haylou GT6 Photo of a man with an earphone

Compact Charging Case

Easy to Carry
With a compact design, you can easily carry the charging case in your pocket wherever you go.

Haylou GT6 Compact Charging Case

5.5h+15h Battery Life

Faster Charging
A total of 5.5 hours of listening is extended to 20.5 hours of playtime with the included charging case that is quickly recharged with Type-C.
*Adjust the volume to 50% and fully charge the earbuds. The single playback time can last about 5.5 hours. The talk time is about 4 hours when fully charged. Haylou Lab measures the above data.
4 hours
talk time
5.5 hours
playback time
Extra 20.5
hours battery life
charging interface

Haylou GT6 Photo of a woman with an earphone

Touch Control

Easy Access
Answer calls, skip track and summon voice assistant, etc., with simple taps on your earbuds.

gt6 s11 icon 01

Play/pause music
Tap either earbud

gt6 s11 icon 04

Summon voice assistant
Triple tap either earbud

gt6 s11 icon 02

Next track
Double-tap right earbud

gt6 s11 icon 03

Answer/hang-up call
Tap either earbud

gt6 s11 icon 05

Turn on/off low latency mode
Double-tap left earbud
*Open the quick start function of a mobile phone before summoning a voice assistant.

Haylou GT6 Balck and white earbuds

More Functions

Haylou GT6 Open charging case

Open the charging case and take the earbuds out. They will auto power on and reconnect.
Triple tap either earbud three times to summon a voice assistant.
Tap 3 times

Haylou GT6 Black earbud

Haylou GT6 Charging box with smartphones

Compatible with smartphones that have Bluetooth function, Windows® PC, Mac® PC, and tablet PC.


Haylou GT6
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Black, White
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.2
Operation range
10m (open space with no obstacle)
Earbud charging time
Approx. 1,5hr
Charging case charging time
Approx. 2hr
Playback time
About 5.5hr
Battery life (with charging case)
Approx. 20.5hr
Battery type
Battery capacity (single earbud)
Battery capacity (charging case)
Support protocol
Main functions
Play/pause music, next track, call reminder, binaural call, voice reminder
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT6 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x Manual