Insta360 GO Action Camera

  • Full HD 1080p Miniature Action Camera
  • Up to 2560 x 2560 Photos
  • FlowState 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization
  • iOS/Android App with Auto-Editing
  • Plug-and-Play Video Transfer to Phones
  • Rain- and Splash-Proof
  • One-Tap Time-Lapse/Hyperlapse Videos
  • Several Mounting Accessories Included
  • Magnetic Pendant, Easy Clip & More

KSh 34,500.00

GETInsta360 GO Action Camera at the best price in Nairobi,Kenya from Javytech Technologies.

Insta360 GO Action Camera Price in Kenya

The Insta360 GO Action Camera Price in Kenya is Ksh 34,500. The Insta360 GO is a miniature action camera for everyday applications anywhere, anytime. Between the different mounting accessories supplied with it, including a magnetic pendant, the camera can be mounted virtually anywhere. You can wear it around your neck, clip it to your collar or skateboard, attach it to your dashboard, and much more.

The Insta360 GO records video, audio, and photos to 8GB of internal storage and exports the content to your phone via a companion iOS/Android app. Standard video is exported in 1080p25 Full HD resolution; meanwhile, you can also choose one-tap time-lapse, hyperlapse, and other video modes. Video is captured with built-in Insta360 FlowState image stabilization, which uses an internal 6-axis gyro to smooth out your recordings. You can export photos in three different aspect ratios, each with a different resolution. In 1:1 aspect ratio, the resolution is 2560 x 2560 and in 16:9 it’s 2560 x 1440.

The free companion iOS/Android app can also be used for various remote functions as well as intuitive auto-editing of your video recordings. The camera comes built into a splash-proof case that lets you shoot in the rain. Also included is a Charge Case, which features an 800mAh battery. Although the camera has a built-in battery, the Charge Case provides an alternative power solution (and much more). Per charge, it lets you capture about 200 clips, each about 18 seconds.

The main feature of the Charge Case is that it’s the way to connect the camera to your phone for auto-transfer of videos and photos. The Charge Case has both Lightning and micro-USB connectors for iOS and Android phones. The camera inserts into the case and the case connects plug-and-play into your phone. Via the micro-USB connector, you can also interface with Mac and Windows computers for file transfer.

The Insta360 GO also offers many creative shooting features such as Barrel Roll. Please see more below.

Stabilized Video with Audio + Photos

Insta360 GO captures video, audio, and photos internally to 8GB of onboard storage. When connected to your phone, GO videos will be auto-transferred via the companion app in 1080p25 Full HD resolution, and photos in up to 2560 x 2560. The internal 8GB will store about 100 15-second video clips between each transfer.

200 Clips a Day

GO’s Charge Case slips into your pocket to keep you going for days. Plug it into your phone and auto-transfer videos and photos. With the Charge Case, GO can capture 200 clips, averaging 18 seconds each. Runtime and clip count vary with shooting mode.


GO shoots 30- or 60-second stabilized hyperlapse clips at the press of a button and recommends the perfect playback speed. It also uses AI-powered FlashCut to help you find and edit your best shots by theme and quality.


Shoot fixed-perspective time-lapses for hours at a time. No angle is out of reach. Find the perfect spot, set a shooting interval, and capture the flow of time.

Slow Motion

GO shoots 100 frames per second so you can slow down the highlights.

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll lets you adjust the rotation of your shot with a swipe.

Rain or Shine

GO is IPX4 water-resistant. It can handle rain, splashes, and even a quick dunk. GO can be submerged for up to 10 seconds. (It is not designed for prolonged submersion or underwater shooting.)

Aspect Ratios

Choose from multiple aspect ratios to fit any platform or device.

Video Resolution

2720 x 2720 at 25 fps (captured)
1920 x 1080 at 25 fps (exported via app)Interval shooting:
2720 x 2720 at 25 fps (in-camera)
1920 x 1080 at 25 fps (exported via app)Static time-lapse:
3040 x 3040 at 30 fps (captured)
1920 x 1080 at 30 fps (exported via app)Hyperlapse:
2720 x 2720 at 30 fps (captured)
1920 x 1080 at 30 fps (exported via app)

Slow motion:
1600 x 900 at 100 fps (captured)
1600 x 900 at 30 fps (exported via app)

Video Duration

15, 30, 60 seconds
Runtime of 60 minutes (with Charge Case)Interval shooting, slow motion:
15 or 30 secondsHyperlapse:
Adjustable interval recording of up to 30 minutes to produce 5-minute videosStatic time-lapse:
Adjustable interval recording up to 8 hours to produce 9-second videos

Interval shooting:
Adjustable interval recording up to 7 days

Compatible Mobile Devices

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad (2018)Android (minimum requirements):
OTG: Supports OTG
System on Chip (SOC): Qualcomm 821/Kirin 970/Exynos 8895 or above
System version: Android 7.1.1 or above (64-bit operating system)
RAM: 3GB RAM or above