LG [55Nano80] 55″ inch 4K NanoCell Smart TV

  • 55″ inch Display
  • 4K
  • 4K Upscaler
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • HDR10 Pro
  • 4 HDMIs
  • 2 USBs

KSh 81,999.00

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LG 55Nano80 4K NanoCell Smart TV detailed description

LG 55Nano80 4K NanoCell Smart TV.

LG 55Nano80 TV is a 4K smart TV that uses NanoCell technology in the display. With NanoCell technology, you get clear, bright, and detailed colors with a field of depth that makes content come into life. When watching content using LG 55Nano80 TV, you will feel you’re there where the action is taking place.


LG 55Nano80 Inside Image Intro


True 4K Display.

LG 55Nano80 TV is a NanoCell TV that lets you watch 4K high-quality content. With a 4K resolution, you get bright, clear, and detailed true-to-life colors as they naturally appear in nature.

Quad-Core Processor 4K.

LG 55Nano80 TV comes with a 4K Quad-Core Processor. The processor eliminates noise and creates more dynamic color as well as contrast. The processor also upscales low-quality content into 4K content.

No Photobiological LED Hazard.

LG 55Nano80 TV tested positively when it came to levels of blue light, actinic UV, near UV, Retina Thermal, and IR Radiation. The lights are harmful to the human body and by passings these tests, LG 55Nano80 TV is one of the safest TVs to have.


Local Dimming.

LG 55Nano80 TV uses Local Dimming to create color depth. The blacks are darker and whites brighter. By using Local Dimming, color and contrast are enhanced making content appear vibrant.


Low Input Lag.

Gaming requires fast reactions. While most TVs are not good for gaming since they are slow, LG 55Nano80 TV allows for fast reactions. With Low Input Lag, LG 55Nano80 TV lets you play high intense games that require fast reactions.


LG 55Nano80 4K NanoCell Smart TV Specifications.


  • Screen Size: 55″ inch
  • Display Type: 4K NanoCell
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Nano Cell Display: Yes
  • IPS Panel: Yes
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Yes
  • Wide Color Gamut: Nano Color
  • Billion Rich Colors: Yes
  • Dimming: Local Dimming
  • Ultra Luminance: Ultra Luminance
  • BLU Type: edge
  • TruMotion / Refresh Rate: TM120 (Refresh Rate 60Hz)


  • Processor: Quad-Core Processor 4K
  • Image Enhancing: Image Enhancing
  • HDR: Active HDR
  • HDR10 Pro: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes (4K/2K)
  • HLG: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes (4K/2K)
  • HDR Effect: Yes (4K/2K)
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping/Pro: HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping
  • Dimming Algorithm: LG Local Contrast
  • Upscaler: 4K Upscaler
  • HEVC: 4K@60P, 10bit
  • VP9 (Video Decoder): 4K@60P, 10bit
  • AV1 (Video Decoder): 4K@60p, 10bit
  • Instant Game Response (VRR/ALLM): – / Yes
  • HGIG Mode: 1H MR
  • Picture Mode: Yes 10 modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, HDR Effect, Filmmaker, (ISF)Expert(Bright Room), (ISF)Expert(Dark Room))


  • Speaker (Sound Output): 20W (10W per Channel)
  • Channel: 2.0ch
  • Direction: Down Firing
  • Simultaneous Audio Output: Yes (Optional or HP response models)
  • AI Sound/Pro: AI Sound
  • AI Acoustic Tuning: Yes
  • Bluetooth Surround Ready: Yes (Required Bluetooth)
  • Auto Notification (Bluetooth easy paring): Yes (Required Bluetooth)
  • Sound Share: Yes


  • ThinQ: Yes
  • Intelligent Voice Recognition: Yes (Magic/BT response status)
  • Speech to Text: Yes (Magic/BT response status)
  • LG Voice Search: Yes (Magic/BT response status)
  • Google Assistant: Yes (Magic/BT response status)
  • Amazon Alexa: Yes (Magic/BT response status)
  • AI UX: Yes
  • AI Home: Yes
  • AI Recommendation/AI customizes recommendations: Yes
  • Home Dashboard: Yes
  • Auto Device Detection/Automatic Device Connection: Yes (Magic Remote)/Ready (BT, General remote)
  • Smart Speaker Compatible: Yes
  • Google Home Connection: Yes
  • Amazon Echo Connection: Yes
  • Naver Clova: Yes
  • LG ThinQ hub devices: Yes
  • LG Smart Speaker (WK7, WK9): Yes
  • Kakao i: Yes
  • Mobile Connectivity: Yes
  • LG TV Plus App: Yes
  • ThinQ App: Yes


  • Screen Share: Yes


  • Operating System (OS): webOS Smart TV
  • Number of CPUs: Quad
  • Magic Remote Control: Built-In
  • Quick Access: Yes
  • Universal Control: Yes (Magic Remote)/Ready (BT, General Remote)
  • 360° VR Play: Yes
  • Related Content Search: Yes
  • Audio Guidance (Text To Speech): Yes (European/North American/Argentina/North American Support)
  • LG Store: Yes
  • DIAL: Yes
  • Web Browser: Yes
  • Music Player: Yes
  • LG Channels: Yes
  • TV On With Mobile: Yes
  • Wi-Fi TV On: Yes
  • Bluetooth Low Energy On: Yes (Required Bluetooth)
  • Network File Browser: Yes
  • Block access to a harmful site: Yes
  • Live Plus (ACR-based Bilateral Service): Yes
  • Hotel Mode: Yes
  • Live Pick: Yes
  • Sports Alert: Yes
  • Music Discovery: Yes


  • Digital TV Reception(Terrestrial,Cable,Satellite): Yes
  • Data Broadcasting (Country Spec): Yes
  • Teletext Page: Yes (2000 page)
  • Teletext (Top/Flof/List): Yes
  • [DVB] Subtitle: Yes
  • [ATSC] Closed Caption: Yes
  • AD (Audio Description): Yes
  • EPG (8days): Yes


  • HDMI: 2 (Rear)/2 (Side)
  • Version: HDMI 2.0
  • Simplink (HDMI CEC): Yes
  • eARC / ARC (Audio Return Channel): ARC (HDMI 2)
  • USB: 1 (Rear)/1 (Side)
  • LAN: Yes (Rear)
  • Component: Yes
  • CI Slot: Yes
  • A-CAS: Yes (Side)
  • RF In: 2 (Rear, RF/Sat)
  • SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out): Yes (Rear)
  • WiFi: Yes (802.11ac)
  • Bluetooth: Yes (V5.0)


  • Power Supply: AC 100 ~ 240V 50-60Hz
  • Standby Power Consumption: Under 0.5W
  • Energy-saving Mode: Yes
  • Illuminance Green sensor: Yes
  • Energy Standard: Yes


  • Remote: MR20
  • Batteries: Yes (AA x 2EA)
  • Power Cable: Yes (Detached)


  • Time Machine (DVR): Yes
  • Digital Recording: Yes
  • Analog DVR: Yes
  • Time Shift: Yes
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