HP Folio G1 Intel Core i5

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The HP Folio G1 is all about the customer experience. It’s 12.5 millimeters and weighs under a kilogram. It has ten hours of battery life. The keyboard is designed to give you a phenomenal experience with great pitch. Overall keyboard response great. The trackpad make sure that you can actually interact with the device. Never worry about about your palm accidentally clicking.

HP Folio G1 is fanless. It gets great battery life and it’s super quiet and it is designed for collaboration. HP worked with Microsoft to optimize Skype for business. It has a button across the top to answer the phone caslls with buttons to hang up the phone.

For audio, the sound works with a bang and also the tune sound is designed not just for music but for the spoken word. The microphone also is well tuned to make sure that you sound great on the other side.

HP Folio G1 is also designed to lie totally flat. If you’re sitting in a meeting around the device, the microphone can pick you up.

Not only it is thin, the HP Folio G1 has a great Intel processor. It has support for USB type C. It is not just one jack because sometimes you want to be charging your device while you’re accessing data. One of the two supports thunderbolt and because it supports thunderbolt and an amazing dock that allows you to plug the device with one port port for power and for all the data.

It has the ability to drive to 4k panels. Your keyboard, mouse and everything on this computer will drive to 4k panels. Not only drive to 4k panels it has an option to having a 4k panel on its main screen. The laptop is a 4k device as well 4k panel and you can have two other 4k panels all powered from this a laptop right.

HP Folio G1 is very affordable and very accessible to a lot of people. It has appeal for the end-user but also have the things that IT demands. This is a milspec device. If you can drop it you’ll survive the drop. It’s got all security and self-healing biases. It works very well with infrastructure like Skype for business.

This laptop is one that works great for a consumer giving you the best no matter what you’re doing.

Key Specs for HP Folio G1

14 Inch Display
Intel Core m5

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