Infinix Zero 5 Pro


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5.98 inch Display
Android 7.0 Nougat
2.6 GHz octa-core processor
up to 128 GB Memory Card Slot
12 MP Rear camera
16 MP Front camera
4350 mAh non-removable battery

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The Infinix Zero 5 Pro was launched in November of 2017 and that makes it officially about three months old. How does the phone hold up? Let’s dive in and take an in-depth look at Infinix Zero 5 Pro.

The Infinix Zero 5 Pro is a big phone, a very big phone and it spots an all-metal build with a different design there’s reminiscent of the Huawei mate 10. I’ve got the black version here that is super cool. Just looking at it gives you the satisfaction of having a great looking phone.

The Infinix Zero 5 pro has got a gold band that runs around the side of the phone. This gold contrasts against the matte black finish of the device and is for lack of a better word sweet. It’s absolutely beautiful. You’d find this band around the fingerprint scanner as well that adds this subtle element of class to the device.

For the physical features on the Infinix Zero 5 pro we’ve got a SIM slot, great feeling tactile volume rocker buttons and a textured power button on the right of the device. These buttons feel very well built. The device also spots a USB type-c, speaker grills, mic and a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack at the bottom.

On the left we’ve got a micro SD card slot and we’ve got nothing at the top of the device. At the front of the infinix Zero 5 pro, we’re blessed with a huge 5.98 inch full HD display that comes at 1080p which looks quite good and colour presentations are well calibrated. Although I would have preferred if it had the 18 by 9 aspect ratio but never the less you’ll enjoy your day-to-day interactions with the screen. Movies will be immersive and Instagram and Facebook feeds on the screen will be a real-time hogger.

The screen is huge, so to all the people out there who have small hands you may need to engage in some hand gymnastics to get used to this one. However pairing this huge 1080p screen with a 4350 mAh battery is a stroke of genius. I’m really thankful to the engineering team at Infinix for the smart decision. This combination provides us with extended hours of screen on time. I’m talking about up to 5 hours of screen on time and when you feel you have the need to recharge, Infinix has included a charger in the box that comes with your proprietary ex charge technology that can take you from 0 to 100% in just two hours. Now talking about what’s included in the box, you have the usuals a pair of earphones, a charging brick, the USB type-c to a USB type cable, micro USB to a USB type-c adapter, a rubber clear case and the user manual.

I’ll give a quick rundown of internal specs you have in the infinite Zero 5 Pro. With respect to connectivity this phone comes with bluetooth, supports Wi-Fi on the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz spectrum supports WCDMA bands one and eight and it supports LTE on bands 1,3,7,8,20,38 and 40.

The device comes with 2.6 gigahertz eight core mediatek CPU, 6GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage for the pro version, a 4350 mAh battery, Android 7.0 Nougat point, a 16 megapixel front-facing camera and the 12 megapixel wide-angle and 13 megapixel telephoto dual camera set up at the back of the device.

These specs all make for a very smooth experience in my day-to-day use of this device it runs the X OS software on top Android 7.0 Nougat smoothly and handles gaming like a pro hardly any lag. It also handles multitasking like it’s nothing. I must say I’m really very impressed with this device.

Let’s talk cameras on the Infinix Zero 5 Pro .It features a 16 megapixel front-facing camera that takes absolutely beautiful pictures. The color representation on the pictures were above average with the camera occasionally getting overexposed. Selfie lovers will be mostly satisfied with the results from this camera it comes with several modes including Beauty, normal and bokeh mode. now the bokeh mode is where you have the blurry background to give you that really focused portrait shot of yourself.

There are also options for wide selfie and time-lapse on the front-facing camera. There’s also this neat feature where the camera goes to sleep when it’s open but you’re not actively using it which saves you battery life. On the back of the device we have a dual camera setup the features a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and at 13 megapixel telephoto lens. Camera results or picture results on the back of this devices aer absolutely beautiful. Infinix started this as a brilliant camera setup as a dual camera setup.
The pictures are vivid and sharp. I’m really impressed with what Infinix has done here. So is it worth it gets in the Infinity Zero 5 pro in 2018 with almost all devices having bezels and 18 by 9 aspect ratio displays? Well I’ll put it this way, if you like big screens with really great picture quality, if you like a huge 4350 million power battery that charges really fast and gives you longer screen on time, if you like an insane amount of storage with the option for expansion, if you like a dual SIM setup and a camera setup that is just absolutely brilliant, you’d experience absolute joy using the Infinix Zero 5 Pro.

I wish though that this face came with some sort of water and dust resistance but I may just be asking for too much. So for me it’s an absolute yes I will buy this device any day any time given the chance. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this device an absolute 8/10. It’s beautiful, it’s big, its bold and it’s brilliant

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