• Party Light via Fiestable
  • Splashproof control panel
  • Unleash Your Inner Pop Star
  • Bluetooth Streaming With LDAC
  • Tilt and roll for easy transport
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
  • Run everything from the dancefloor
  • NFC One-touch For Instant Connectivity
  • Watch Movies With a Built-in DVD

KSh 78,999.00

GET SONY MHC-V73D at the best price in Kenya from Javytech Technologies.

SONY MHC-V73D in Kenya

The SONY MHC-V73D Price in Kenya is Ksh 78,999. The Sony MHC-V73D Bluetooth tower speaker delivers Omnidirectional Party Sound that is perfect for a wonderful house party. Be it by the pool-side, garden or your living room, this tower speaker with its high-efficiency tweeters, coupled with high-efficiency Midrange and angled Midrange Drivers, ensures that the music reaches everyone.

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Omnidirectional Party Light

Convert your home parties into an authentic nightclub or a disco with the Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light. The tower speaker adds to the party mood by sending out multicoloured stripes along with deep blue, sky blue, and green lights across the floor to the ceiling of your party space.

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Jet Bass Booster

This Bluetooth tower speaker’s tapered bass reflex duct structure allows the airflow of the bass sound thereby delivering a bass effect so strong that you can literally feel it wherever you are partying in the crowd.

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Bring Out Your Inner Pop Star

The speaker comes with two microphone inputs, which can also double as an input for your guitar, and use the system as a guitar amplifier. The speaker also features three modes: Clean for a clear sound output, Overdrive that helps you distort the guitar sound, and Bass for your bass guitar. All in all, you can have your own private gig with this Sony Bluetooth tower speaker and once you are done, the speaker comes with two microphone holders which safely store the mics until someone else in your party wants to sing.

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As you play your music on this tower speaker, the TAIKO mode allows you to add your own drumming into the mix. Play various instrument versions such as bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese Taiko drum, by tapping the top panel in time to the beats of the music. In fact, you can also use the feature against your friends while playing in the TAIKO Game Mode.

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Gesture Controls

Control your music, change the volume of your microphone, and more with the gesture control feature of this tower speaker.

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NFC and Bluetooth

The Sony MHC-V73D Bluetooth tower speaker allows you to stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone or other compatible devices via NFC or Bluetooth. The speaker seamlessly connects to your device and lets you play your favourite music to entertain your guests.

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Put the Party in Your Hands with Fiestable

This tower speaker comes with its own Fiestable app that allows you to have a range of fun options to choose from. Apart from controlling the operations of the speaker, the app also lets you manage the Omnipresent Party Lights. It also lets your guests compete for King or Queen of karaoke with Karaoke Ranking. The app can be accessed using the mobile or by using your voice.

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Splash-proof Control Panel

The control panel of this party speaker is splash-proof and easy to clean. In fact, in case of an accidental spill on the control panel, the Party Lock button disables all functions for 30 seconds, while you quickly clean the panel.

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Tilt and Roll Function

The Sony MHC-V73D Bluetooth tower speaker can easily be moved around as per your convenience. All you need to do is hold the carry handle, tilt it back and the sturdy castors let you roll this party speaker right to the disco floor.

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Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

Listening to music on this tower speaker is a delight. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) reconstructs compressed music files and delivers a high-quality sound that is almost equivalent to the original sound recording.

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HDMI Output

Connect your TV with this tower speaker using the HDMI output and watch your favourite movies and TV shows in an immersive manner.

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Built-in DVD Player

Turn every movie night into a cinematic experience with the Sony MHC-V73D Bluetooth tower speaker. The speaker delivers the right note of sound for every action that you watch on the screen that lets you have a theatrical experience.

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Multi-device Connection

The speaker allows you to pair up to three smartphones simultaneously. This helps you and your friends to juggle between a range of music genres between to keep the party going all night long.

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High-efficiency Tweeters

Strategically positioned high-efficiency tweeters enable this tower speaker to spread the sound across the party venue. The four upward-facing high-efficiency tweeters make use of horn tweeters along with two tweeters each on the front and back of this unit, to enhance the musical experience of your party.

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