K&F Concept Camera Wrist Strap

  • Adopt Duraflex brand’s Stealth buckle
  • Easy-to-reach
  • Durable Nylon
  • Simple and One-handed adjustable

KSh 4,499.00

K&F Concept Camera Wrist Strap Price in Kenya

The K&F Concept Camera Wrist Strap Price in Kenya is Ksh 4,500. This one from K&F Concept comes into play one beautiful premium box in gold and silver. I was immediately impressed by the THICKNESS of a whopping 3 cm, as well as an adjustment in length from 100 to 160 cm. With a weight of 130 grams, it can carry up to 36 kilograms, a load that cannot be achieved with any combination of SLR and TELEPHOTO. I can wear it 3 ways: classic on the NECK, DIAGONAL from the shoulder to the opposite side and directly on the single SHOULDER. The STRAP is 100% nylon with synthetic polymers, it’s practically the same material as car seat belts… and I said it all! THE HOOKS are METAL, 3mm thick, and not plastic like the standard shoulder straps. Bonded with high quality leather with double stitching. Also, most original shoulder straps don’t detach easily, so I’ll let you imagine the inconvenience every time I need to attach the reflexes to the tripod (or monopod), so much so that most of the time it’s better to let them be attached to the camera, dangling and interfering. This one, on the other hand, has two comfortable buckles that allow for quick release. They are made of a durable and unbreakable material, stealth nylon. They release in 3 steps and with the help of both hands, so you can be sure that they cannot accidentally come off (in my video I tried to pull them repeatedly). And finally, the CORDINA that attaches to the camera straps is coated with 3 layers, each with its own color. It is always good to check the state of wear and color of the same. The outside is BLACK to indicate the excellent maintenance condition, the second inner layer is YELLOW which signals the risk of breakage and finally the last RED inner layer which indicates the impending breakage of the shoulder strap. In conclusion I can say that the choice of shoulder strap is very personal, it is certainly not cheap but thanks to the opportunity given I can say that I had no problems doing some stress tests. Basically I DRAW, DRAW and ABUSE it in every way before entrusting it with my work SLRs, both combined with two very heavy lenses (L-series). I’ve tried it on both the Canon 5D with 24-70 f2.8 and the mammoth Canon 1D+ 70-200 f2.8 “white-toed”. Knowing the models and weights of this equipment, you can be sure that any MIRROR (more objective) can be entrusted to this shoulder strap. However, I found a DEFECT… but only if we decide to use the shoulder strap in the classic way, i.e. on the NECK. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a soft lining, neck strain can develop after a few minutes, especially when using heavy equipment. It is therefore enough to change the position frequently, perhaps shifting it to the shoulder. Too bad because it took very little to be the PERFECT SHOULDER STRAP for my needs. If you find it at a discount, maybe with coupons, it turns out to be a good deal. Buy K&F Concept Camera Wrist Strap online at best price in Kenya at Javytech.

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